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A Jolly Swagman Provides Education For The Online Digital Market – To Provide The Opportunity For Anybody to Travel and Work- Give You the Skills and Confidence to Start an Online Business and To Achieve Geographical Freedom-  and What Can That Mean? Much More!

Hey everyone I’m really excited you’re here. I’m Sam, the founder of a jolly swagman. I have a dream for the future and present – to break the bonds of traditional lifestyle so more emphasis in life is placed around family, adventure, health and ultimately spiritual awareness and growth in that understanding.

It’s been an idea I’ve been working on for some time and basically I’ve made a start.

I want to offer people the chance to experience time freedom; most importantly to really feel the nature of their own circumstance and existence and from there make positive change towards healing. For me a nomadic lifestyle offers that opportunity best because new environments and experience really keep me in life’s rhythm.

From here the idea of becoming a jolly swagman was born, but not necessarily confined to nomadic lifestyle.

Initially I was thinking of how I could become a jolly swagman, travel Australia with my beautiful partner jos and amazing 7 year old boy owen, make money in a relatively stress free fashion, and travel indefinitely..

I was working as a groundsman in the wettest town of Australia driving around on a ride on mower constructing this idea…I thought perhaps if we had a bus, a big megaphone horn on it, called the bus the jolly swagman, drove through the main street of the town we had just arrived in playing waltzing matilda through the megaphone whilst advertising the services I’m offering painted to the sides of the bus – that way we might generate some income!

That idea excited me believe it or not and the next progression from there was to imagine what if the jolly swagman wasn’t just me, or us, but a sort of franchise or even new economy.

I don’t want to give away all my secrets before they are fully developed but basically, By becoming a jolly swagman you would access a whole community of work opportunities Australia wide, and by creating a profile, people could contact you based on your skill set, or otherwise, you could find job opportunities that you were qualified to perform and a network and community would be formed to support a fully functional nomadic lifestyle.

The offer I have for you today is the offer that set me up to become a jolly swagman, and quite literally blew this idea up into something else entirely – where the whole world is your canvas, and the ability to make money has no ceiling- learn the skill set required to be a digital entrepreneur, and as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection – you have complete geographical freedom!

Through the platform I’m going to introduce to you, I set up my own online business with the help of a guided professional and easy step by step process, all the way from scratch to full  operation. I was placing ads, developing content and delivering leads to my website within a month.

I’m learning every day, and even though I’m on a low and tight budget, I’ve created real leverage in the online space, even with no previous digital marketing experience!

Whether you want to create a huge profitable empire for yourself or if you’re like me, and you just want things like more time, more freedom, more travel and a better lifestyle, it actually is all possible.

Anyway, that’s me for the day, I’ll pass you over to Stuart, a hugely successful digital entrepreneur and the co-founder of Six Figure Mentors, the amazing platform that gave me my start to become a jolly swagman.

I really hope you join me on this journey and at least look into this opportunity!

I’m Sam, a jolly swagman

Cya around

More Information…………

My name is Sam Bird and I’m the Founder at a Jolly Swagman. I grew up on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. My resulting interests have been wildlife/nature, surfing, sports, woodworking, spirituality and music.

I have a beautiful partner Josie and 7 yr old boy Owen. We have moved up and down the whole east coast of Australia over the last 10 yrs picking up work and creating our own work/businesses..

We travelled the east coast on a music tour when Owen was two, which sprang from Jos’s fertile imagination, and we called it the ‘campground tour’ as we pretty much played music at popular campgrounds in exchange for ‘rent’!

It was a great idea although In the end it wasn’t sustainable and we headed back to Victoria to reconsolidate..

We lived on a Bamboo farm and I worked growing bamboo in the spring/summer and cutting the huge 25mte plus timber bamboo for poles in the winter months…Jos was always working doing remedial massage, yoga, teaching French etc and we supplemented our wage with occasional but regular music gigs..

I’ve worked with tree loppers, months in the Great Otway National Parking cleaning up after a devastating bushfire swept through on Christmas day and burnt out 112 homes or so..

Ran a mowing/ property maintenance business in Far North Queensland for 3 years before the heat and suppressive humidity drove us south..

And then, amongst surfing and feeling a true sense of desperation and ‘what’s next’…., amidst a spiral of uncertainty, fear, and monetary loss…I discovered SFM, and was born out of the ashes, refreshed and purposed, towards creating and living a lifestyle in alignment with myself and my family, a lifestyle of meaning and adventure..A Business that not only transformed my life but a business that could transform millions..